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Banana Espresso Cream Cheese Breakfast Biscuit With Cream Apple Juice

* RTE Land Food Approved

* Less than 300 Calories, Prime source of Whole Grain, and  Nutrients

Hey we are doing something different for attending students. On behalf of the AMA competitors racing series programs, and North american sponsor affiliates. Your all welcome to enjoy a meal on us curtest of 7 HEAVEN Colorado Gold 

  finding a Future from our past making Colorado Proud

 "Rethink Food" "Rethink lunch" 

How many students actually like the taste of coffee? How many students actually had a cup of coffee today?

This is what is currently being served inside of the public school cafeteria system(s).

Fact is more than 36% percent of the attending students receive less than adequate funding to afford the items served on this menu. Before Proposal by 7 HEAVEN Food Manufacture and Processor (FSMC) proposal of, "G & G"

Gourmet and Go, or Grab and Go Brunch A new concept of service and vending provided to ensure health and wealth standards are being met. 

Every student should enjoy the comforts of home during school no matter his/her 

household income.