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Performance-Based Endorsement Sports Program and Scholarship Offer

2017 Minor Series Racing
Due to lack of service Production will continue no racing until all validation requisite are verified by N.C.A. Administration staff and or the AMA organizer Prior to Event Scheduling. This message has been Sponsored by 7 HEAVEN Colorado Gold 

Cycles begin April of each year. Official race days follow training and practice once per week, Friday Saturday and Sunday. There will be 39 heat cycles, all broadcasting live pay per view. {50% return activation/registration fee, Via USPS certified mail 30 days of receipt}

All registration forms will be processed by Dec. 31, 2016. Notice of activation and receipt addressed to sender/registrar with in 30 days or January 31, 2017.

We have multiple track courses; each can accommodate a maximum of 40 privateer and students. All race machines needed will be provided by our sponsor for the purpose of successfully completing the minor series racing cycle. 

Each cycle round takes 15 minutes per R.P.V. based on individual lap times, speed, and skill. Pro-qualification students must complete a six-hour race or 12 cycles. A cycle is complete once the student has finished both 15-minute rounds to conclude the afternoon cycle.

Our scholarship grant is contingent upon students’ participation and completion of cycle series racing. To those who are interested to join, our heat qualifications are open until July 31st. Simply fill out our registration form to get started.

Registration and Compliance

All student(s) must be registered associate and/or enrolled in specified high school or educational institution. Likewise, students will not be allowed to compete without written consent. 

Authorized adult can only act on behalf of the student(s) if able to present a Notarized statement indicating that the parent/legal guardian has given consent  be present as responsible other for student.


First entry is processed by registration. It is followed by activation during which the privateer or student will also receive a classified identification brand number and sports gear on weeks prior to series.

Students’ records and information are available for the county clerk and record office. Automated service line and insurance code will be provided to each student and privateer upon receipt of records.

All riders and personnel must rely on their own judgement in assessing the safety and assume all risks of participating in cycles. Moreover, all participants are expected to comply with our rules and those rule of the A.M.A sanction.

For more details about our racing policies, kindly read our General Service Agreement.